USC faculty and staff may request USC voicemail for their campus desk phone.


  • Personal, away, or system greetings
  • Calling party information (if available)
  • Message forwarding
  • Advanced user options


Voicemail is available to all benefits-eligible employees under the Technology Connection Charge (TCC).

Getting Started

To sign up for voicemail services, submit a request via a Communication Service Request (CSR) (USC Login Required).

Locating Your Voicemail Access Number

You will need to locate your 5-digit voicemail access number to access your voicemail. Your voicemail access number is located in the Fast Start Instructions document that was sent to you via email after you signed up for voicemail services.

Setting Up Your Mailbox

You will need to complete a brief setup process the first time you access your mailbox.

  1. From your campus telephone, dial your 5-digit voicemail access number.
  2. When prompted for your security code, enter “TROJAN” (876526).
  3. The system will prompt you to change your security code. You cannot use simple codes such as 123456 or 111111.
  4. You will be prompted to record your name for the mailbox.
  5. After recording your name, you will be prompted to record a greeting for callers.

Locating Your How-To Guide

Based on your voicemail access number, you will need to download your how-to guide. Please click your internal access number to download your how-to guide.

Internal Access NumberExternal Access NumberCampus LocationFast Start Instructions
0-9500213-740-9500University Park and Health Sciences CampusesFast Start Instructions
0-5600213-740-5600University Park and Health Science CampusesFast Start Instructions
1-9000213-821-9000University Park Campus, Health Science Campus, and Off-Campus LocationsFast Start Instructions
4-5400323-224-5400Health Science Campus Off CampusFast Start Instructions
3-5300213-743-5300University Park Campus Off CampusFast Start Instructions

Adding Voicemail to Outlook

The following documents will show you how to forward and listen to your USC Voicemail through Outlook.

Learn More

To arrange for voicemail training, submit a request via a Communication Service Request (CSR) (USC Login Required).


For additional assistance with voicemail, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.


ITS provides USC on campus schools and departments with basic voice mailbox services as part of the Technology Connection Charge (TCC).