Gmail Option for Faculty

Depending on school policies, faculty members may have the option to use a USC-branded Gmail account as their work email platform. These are USC email accounts and are subject to all relevant USC email policies, including the employee email policy and account lifecycle standards. Only USC-provided email accounts may be used to conduct official USC business; personal Gmail accounts may not be used for this purpose

Check with your local IT support to see if faculty Gmail accounts are available at your school.

(If you are a student looking for information on your Gmail account through Google Apps at USC, please see the Google Apps at USC page.)

About the USC Gmail Option

  • Your old email will remain in Microsoft Office 365 and be accessible through the Outlook Web App (OWA). For instructions on moving your Office 365 messages to Gmail, see Moving Messages from Office 365 to Gmail.
  • All requirements of the USC employee email policy and USC account lifecycle standards apply to your USC-branded Gmail account. For information on how to save documents beyond 16 months in your Gmail account, see Managing Your Email in Gmail.
  • You will need to recreate any personal folders and inbox rules, as well as recreate or import your contact list.
  • Duo is required for web access to Gmail. Duo is not required for desktop or mobile apps.
  • There are currently limits to USC directory and calendar functionality.
    • The Google Calendar is a personal calendar; you will still need to use the O365 calendar for campus room reservations. See Using the Office 365 Calendar for information on using the O365 calendar.
    • Gmail does not sync with USC Active Directory. You will not be able to search for other USC faculty and staff email addresses directly from the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: line of an email message, as you can in Office 365.
    • The Google Calendar and the O365 calendar do not sync well. While you will be able to add O365 invitations to your Google Calendar, you may not receive subsequent meeting updates or changes.

NOTE: If you need to send or receive email from a school-branded email address (e.g.,, please check with your school’s IT department before opting into a USC-branded Gmail account.

Choosing the USC Gmail Option

If you wish to receive your email through a Gmail account, click or tap the Change My Email button to begin the opt-in process.

NOTE: You will need to be connected to the USC wired or Secure Wireless network or use a VPN connection from a non-USC network to successfully access the opt-in application.

This Change My Email button will take you to the red USC NetID sign-in screen where you will log in using your USC NetID and password. You will be taken to the MyAccess application where you will see an Email Preference button in the upper-left section of the page. To process your opt-in request, click this button and follow the on-screen instructions. If, at any time, you wish to change your email back to Office 365, you may click the Change My Email button on this page and follow the same steps above.

NOTE: If you do not see the Email Preference button on the MyAccess application, you may not be eligible for this option. Please check with your local IT support to see if faculty Gmail accounts are available at your school.

Getting Started

To get started with your new USC-branded Gmail account, see Tips for Faculty on Changing from Office 365 to Gmail.

You will find instructions on how to reconfigure your email software to access Gmail on the Accessing Google Apps at USC through an Email Program page. Instructions on configuring your mobile devices to access Gmail can be found on the Accessing Google Apps at USC on a Mobile Device page.

Information on forwarding your school-branded email to your new USC-branded Gmail account can be found on the Tips for Faculty on Changing from Office 365 to Gmail page.

Getting Help

For documentation on other USC-provided Google applications, see the Google Apps at USC documentation.

If you need assistance, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.