What is SIS?

The Student Information System (SIS) is a computer system that manages a range of information about USC students. Authorized USC staff members can use SIS to view, update, and report on student records. The system also provides necessary information to several other computer systems at the university.

Viewing Student Information

To look up and view information about students, you will need to use SIS display processes (identifiable by a ā€œDā€ in the process codes– i.e., SIS.D.PROFILE). Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to information using display processes.

You can use display processes to view various types of information, including:

  • Student enrollment information
  • Activity restrictions
  • Class rosters
  • Test scores
  • Financial detail of a student’s account
  • Student addresses
  • Grade information

Updating Student Records

To update student records, you will need to use SIS update processes. A “U” in the middle of the process code indicates that the record can be updated (i.e., RNR.U.SPEC.STUDENT).

You can use update processes to make changes to various types of records, including:

  • Giving departmental clearances (D-Clearances)
  • Giving a prerequisite exemption
  • Clearing activity restrictions
  • Correcting student addresses
  • Printing class rosters
  • Schedulung classes for your department
  • Clearing advisement holds
  • Processing inquiries by prospective students
  • Admitting students to graduate programs

Accessing Student Reports

To access and print student reports, you will need to use SIS report processes. An “R” in the middle of the process code indicates that this is a report (i.e.: RNR.R.SECT.SUMM).

You can use report processes to access and print many types of reports, including:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students’ credit statement reports
  • STARS reports
  • Section summary reports of classes scheduled for your academic department
  • Registration confirmation

Other Systems that Work in Conjunction with SIS

The Student Information System works in conjunction with a variety of other university computer systems to serve the needs of our administrative and academic departments. Other systems that work in conjunction with SIS and are administered by the Student Information System department include:

Some computer systems work in conjunction with SIS, but are administered by other departments. These include: