Request a Service using ServiceNow

To request a service through ServiceNow, you can go directly to the service catalog (USC NetID login required), navigate to a service page on the ITS website and follow the request link, or go to the Quick Links to ServiceNow Request page and find the service you wish to request.

Once you have found the service you wish to request, click the link and log into ServiceNow using your USC NetID username and password. A request form will appear.

On the form that appears:

  • If you are submitting this request for yourself, your contact information will automatically be populated.
  • If you are submitting the request for someone else, enter that person’s USC NetID username in the field or click the magnifying glass to choose from a list of available users.

Fill out the rest of the details on the form and click Order Now to submit your request.

Tracking Your Ticket

If you have submitted a ticket to ServiceNow and wish to check on its status, see the Checking the Status of a ServiceNow Ticket page. If you wish to add your local IT support to your ticket so they can help track your request or issue, see the Add a Watcher to a ServiceNow Ticket page.

Additional Help

If you need additional assistance with ServiceNow, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.