ResNet Support

ResNet, USC’s residential network, provides users with network connectivity in residence halls.

Support for ResNet users

To get help with your Resnet connection, contact Housing Maintenance at 213-740-4646.

ResNet support by Housing includes:

  • Assisting users with registering their Media Access Control (MAC) address.
  • Supporting the wiring from the local network switch to the ResNet jack in the user’s room.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity problems for operating systems supported by ITS.
  • Assisting in user computer configurations for operating systems supported by ITS.
  • Any additional service USC Housing is equipped and prepared to provide.

ITS is second- and third-level support for USC Housing; ITS will not provide direct support to ResNet users in locations that are maintained by USC Housing. USC Housing will provide all support for its ResNet users, with the exception of policy and larger network issues (i.e., network switch issues or campus-wide network outages). From an agreement between USC Housing and ITS, Housing will escalate problems to ITS that it is unable to resolve from documented procedures, and ITS will respond to Housing regarding properly escalated problems within 24 business hours.

Policies and security for all ResNet users

ITS and USC Housing expect all users to be familiar with and to follow the technology policies and guidelines set forth by the university. Users take full responsibility for the security and use of their computer and any other devices they connect to the USC Network. The use of an antivirus program is highly recommended.

Applications and resources support for all ResNet users

All the applications and resources that you use or access via ResNet may not work according to your expectations. Access to proprietary or non-ITS supported servers, networks or resources cannot be guaranteed or supported.