Frequently Asked Questions about ResNet

Who can use ResNet?
ResNet, USC’s residential network, provides users with network connectivity in residence halls, Leavey Library and some academic buildings. You must read the USC’s technology policies before using ResNet.

Why do I need to register my computer?
Registration is required for security and accountability issues. You can register your computer online through the Network Registration Page. Allowing anonymous computers to connect to the network has led to problems and abuses at other sites where such access is available.

What will happen if an unregistered computer is connected to the network?
You will not be able to use ResNet until you open a web browser (ie, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Your web browser should automatically take you to the Network Registration Page. If your browser does not automatically redirect you to the registration page, you can manually visit the page at You will then be able to register your computer by entering your USC username and password.

When will my network connection be available after I have registered my computer’s MAC address?
After registration, your ResNet connection will be available immediately.

I’m a current ResNet user and planning not to use the ResNet service. Who should I inform?
You can unregister previously-registered Ethernet cards online through the Dynamic Host Registration Page.

Can I share my ResNet jack with my roommate/friend’s computer?
Yes, provided that the MAC address of your roommate/friend’s computer is registered, and both computers are not connected to the same jack at the same time through a hub-like device. If more than one computer is connected to one jack through a hub or network-sharing device, it will be detected by the network and both machines will be blocked.

Can I share my ResNet account with my roommate/friend?
No, it is against policy to share your account with someone else. You are responsible for all activities on your computer and your account. If you share your account details, you run the risk of having your account disabled.

Where can I buy an Ethernet card and RJ45 network cable?
Most computers come with an integrated Ethernet card. If your computer does not have one previously installed, you can buy an Ethernet card and RJ45 network cable from the University Bookstore or from most other computer retail stores.

I can’t use ResNet. What should I do?

Before calling:

  • Check to ensure that your computer’s MAC address has been properly registered. Go to the Network Registration web page and login with your username and password.
  • Check whether the Ethernet card has been installed properly (software drivers are properly installed and the card is inserted firmly into the proper slot, if applicable).
  • Verify that your network cable is correctly plugged into the Ethernet card on the back of your computer and ensure that it is firmly inserted to the Data jack in the wall.

If all the above work properly and you still can’t use ResNet:

  • If you are connecting from USC Housing, contact USC Housing Maintenance at 213-740-4646.
  • If you are connecting from a non-Housing location, contact the ITS Customer Support Center.

Can I use file sharing on ResNet?
Yes. However, please note that file sharing through the use of any client or protocol is not supported by ITS, and excessive use will result in the automatic disabling of the network connection.

Don’t I need an IP address assigned specifically to my computer?

No. ResNet uses dynamically assigned IP addresses. Each time you computer establishes a network connection, you may get a new IP address.

Why can’t I get a static IP address for my computer?
Assigning IP addresses dynamically provides more flexibility. For example, once your computer is registered, you can plug into any ResNet jack and use your computer without having to reconfigure your network settings.

What about security for my computer? Can people break in to my computer over the network?
In general, no. The USC network is constantly monitored for malicious use. However, programs that could allow file sharing could potentially provide opportunities for compromise.

As a general policy, programs that would deliberately allow access to a machine–servers of any type–are not allowed on ResNet, as they could provide a means of accessing the USC network for unauthorized users. By eliminating means of others to access your machine from external sources, its overall security is increased.