Registering Devices for Use with Duo

Registering a New Device

Duo allows you to connect multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, tokens or landline phone numbers, to your 2FA account. To register new devices, click or tap the Add a new device button on any Duo authentication screen.

For information about registering authentication tokens, see

Managing Your Registered Devices

The My Settings & Devices self-service portal allows you to manage the devices you have enrolled in 2FA. Using the portal, you may:

  • Remove a previously enrolled device.
  • Rename your enrolled devices.
  • Enable or deactivate Duo Push on enrolled smart phones and tablets.

To access the self-service portal, click or tap the My Settings & Devices button on any Duo Authentication screen. You will need to authenticate via 2FA in order to access the self-service portal.

For more information, see