Registering Devices for Use with Duo

Registering a New Device

Duo allows you to connect multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, or tokens, to your 2FA account. To register new devices, click or tap the Add a new device button on any Duo authentication screen.

For information about registering authentication tokens, see

Managing Your Registered Devices

The My Settings & Devices self-service portal allows you to manage the devices you have enrolled in 2FA. Using the portal, you may:

  • Remove a previously enrolled device.
  • Rename your enrolled devices.
  • Enable or deactivate Duo Push on enrolled smart phones and tablets.

To access the self-service portal, click or tap the My Settings & Devices button on any Duo Authentication screen. You will need to authenticate via 2FA in order to access the self-service portal.

For more information, see