Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Duo multi-factor authentication is required for all USC faculty and staff. Additionally, all student workers, including teaching assistants, are required to use Duo when logging into Workday. Furthermore, all users (students, faculty, staff and iVIP affiliates) using AnyConnect VPN are required to use multi-factor authentication when logging in.

About the ITS Duo Multi-Factor Program

The ITS Duo multi-factor authentication program improves the security of your USC electronic accounts by requiring an additional level of authentication beyond your username and password. The program provides you with a secondary means of confirming your identity via your mobile device, landline phone or an authentication token, which you will use every time that you sign into any of the services accessed through the USC NetID sign-in.

The USC NetID sign-in process, which is easily recognizable by the red authentication screen, provides single-sign-on (or Shibbolized) access to systems such as Workday, Trojan Time,  Blackboard, the MyUSC portal and more. Once you enroll in the multi-factor authentication program, you will be asked to use the Duo application to verify your identity separately for each service that you sign into.

This additional measure provides valuable protection to your account and personal information. Even if your password is compromised, no one will be able to access your account without also having your secondary authentication.

This program currently applies only to those services accessed via the USC NetID sign-in process. The program does not include accounts and services that are accessed through the Active Directory authentication process, such as the USC secure wireless network and eduroam.

For assistance with Duo multi-factor authentication, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or consult@usc.edu.