For Departmental Administration

This page contains information pertinent to department DocuSign administrators and IT staff.

Managing Departmental DocuSign Accounts

Any school or unit may request a departmental DocuSign account. Based on the way a school or unit’s user groups choose to manage their activity, the school or unit may also request multiple sub-accounts within the departmental DocuSign account.

  • Departmental DocuSign accounts allow schools and units to directly manage the unique needs and requests of their own users.
  • Users in a departmental DocuSign account may share templates, PowerForms, and media assets among all users in the account.
  • Schools and units may assign one or more departmental DocuSign administrators to manage the designated account.

To set up a departmental DocuSign account for your school or unit, please submit this service request form.

  • Note: Departmental DocuSign accounts are usually coordinated with the school or unit’s IT leadership.

DocuSign Account Roles

Departmental DocuSign Accounts are managed through Delegated Administrators and/or Delegated Unit Coordinators. For an overview of these roles, reference the DocuSign Account Roles page.

Additional Training

A series of USC-tailored training videos are available to interested users, including: