Learn Command (Online UNIX Tutorial)

The command learn provides an online UNIX tutorial for beginners to the UNIX environment.
Learn also provides instruction in the use of the C shell and the Berkeley text editors. The subjects covered include:

  • files basic file handling commands
  • editor text editor
  • vi screen-oriented text editor<
  • morefiles more on file manipulations and other useful stuff
  • macros “-ms” macros for BTL memos & papers
  • eqn typing mathematics
  • C writing programs in C language

Starting Learn

To start the tutorial, enter:


Using Learn

learn walks you through the lessons that you wish to take. It also allows you to stop a
lesson and resume it later at the same place you left off.

You can exit learn at any time by entering:


Help and Documentation

For more information about learn, see the man page by entering:

    man learn