Applying Your JMP License – Mac OS X

This page explains how to apply a new license for JMP on a computer running the Macintosh OS X operating system. To download your JMP license files, see

Applying the License

After your JMP Pro installation completes and you have restarted your computer, launch JMP Pro.

  1. The Provide Your JMP License screen will appear. Click Open License.
  2. jmplicensewin1

  3. On the Choose a File screen, select the license file that you downloaded from the JMP License Renewal Files page and click Choose.
  4. jmplicensewin2

  5. On the Personalize Your JMP License screen, enter your name and department if you wish and then click OK.
  6. jmplicensewin3

  7. You will see a dialog box that says “Your license has been accepted. Thank You.” Click OK on this dialog box to finish the license installation and launch JMP Pro.
  8. jmplicensewin4