JMP (pronounced “jump”) Pro is statistical software made by SAS that enables users to easily explore and visualize data using a variety of tools for statistical analysis and interactive graphing.

JMP Pro can be used for research, development, and quality control applications and includes analytics for Six Sigma® and the design of experiments.

Why use JMP Pro?

While JMP Pro is capable of advanced analytics, the software assumes that the user only has a very basic background in statistics. Therefore, it is an ideal statistics package for students. JMP Pro assists the user in choosing correct analytic procedures and in interpreting results.

What if I am used to using SPSS, SAS, or Stata?

SPSS users will find JMP Pro ’s graphical “point and click” user interface familiar and easy to use. SAS users will appreciate the advanced graphing capabilities integrated into JMP Pro software. Stata users will also appreciate and easily adjust to using JMP Pro.

JMP Pro vs. SAS

SAS remains the best choice of software if you need to handle large amounts of data or want maximum flexibility in terms of programming and statistical analysis. JMP Pro provides a streamlined alternative for smaller jobs using the most popular types of analysis.

The JMP Pro user guide explains it like this, “When you are looking for an information delivery vehicle, sometimes you need a truck that can haul anything, every day, like SAS. But if you are out for a drive to go exploring, you might find it best to drive a small car, or even a sports car like JMP.”

Compared to SAS, JMP Pro is easier to install, takes up less hard drive space, and requires less RAM. While JMP Pro is easy to learn and helps the user learn about statistics, SAS has a steep learning curve and requires more expertise.