ITS Service Desk

The ITS Service Desk offers help and support for SIS. The ITS Service Desk can can help you:

  • Obtain technical support.
  • Set up a new computer to access SIS.
  • Gain access to additional processes on SIS.
  • Sign up for additional training classes.
  • Help other staff persons or student workers in your department to sign up for access to SIS.
  • Find contact information for other people or departments related to SIS.

If you have questions or problems related to SIS, please contact the ITS Service Desk by calling 213-740-5337 or sending an email to

Getting Help with SIS

Online Help

Within some processes on SIS, you can access online help.

To use the online help feature of SIS, type a question mark (?) in the field you would like to know more about, and then press ENTER or RETURN. If online help is available for that field item, information will display at the bottom of your screen. If a table of codes that can be entered into that field is available, the table will display.

SIS Documentation

The ITS Service Desk writes and distributes detailed documentation on how to use many of the processes on SIS. Some documentation is available in the “/sis/documentation/”>Documentation section of the SIS website, and other documentation is handed out during training.

User Support

User support is available to everyone who uses SIS through the ITS Service Desk.

The ITS Service Desk can help you:

  • Find out which paperwork and training are required for your access to SIS.
  • Learn how to use SIS through specialized training classes.
  • Set up your computer to access SIS.
  • Request a password reset.
  • Request a change or additional access.
  • Find out the answers to questions about or solve problems that you’re having with SIS.

Common ITS Sevice Desk Questions

When you call for assistance, you may be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Which system are you using? If you are using a different system, such as AIS-b2000, you should contact a different office for their user support. The ITS Service Desk can assist you in reaching the correct department.
  • Which process are you using? You can always tell which process you are using on SIS because the process code appears in the upper left-hand corner of every page of every process.
  • What is your User Name (login)? Your User Name is a lower case “s” followed by your seven-digit employee ID number (i.e.: s0000123).
  • What is your user number? Your user number always displays in the upper left-hand corner of your menu screen (i.e.: User No. 266). It indicates the port that you’re using to log into SIS.
  • Is an error message displaying on your screen? If so, what does it say? Be prepared to give us the exact wording of the error message you received.

Other Support Offices

You can always call the ITS Service Desk with questions, but you may also contact the following offices directly if your question falls into their area of expertise:

  • Academic Services: 213-740-4623. Academic Services is an office within the Registrar’s Office that can answer your questions about academic records, the privacy of student records, degree checking, and graduation.