Add a Watcher to a ServiceNow Ticket

You may add local IT person or other affiliated person to your ServiceNow ticket so they can help track the progress of your IT service request. Watchers will receive all updates and notes applied to your ticket.

To add a watcher to a ServiceNow request:

  1. Once you have filled out your ServiceNow request and have clicked Order Now, you will be taken to the Order Status screen.
  2. On this screen, click the text under Description to open your request.
  3. snwatcher_1

  4. Click the lock icon next to Watch List to open the watch list.
  5. snwatcher_2

  6. In the Enter email address field, enter the email address of the user you wish to add to your request and then click Enter. You may repeat this process to add multiple watchers to your ticket. When you are done adding watchers to your ticket, click the lock icon to close the list.
  7. snwatcher3

  8. Click Update to apply the changes to your ticket.
  9. The name(s) of the people you have added to the watch list should now appear under your ticket number.
  10. snwatcher_4

Additional Help

If you need additional assistance with adding watchers to your tickets, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.