The SIS Access Request Form allows you to:

  • Request access to SIS by completing the SIS Access Form and the online FERPA tutorial.
  • Request access to additional processes on SIS.
  • Request a change in access when you change departments.
  • Reactivate your access to SIS (requires completing the online FERPA tutorial).
  • Notify User Coordination when you stop working in a particular department.

NOTE: Student workers are required to fill out a new SIS Access Form and complete the online FERPA tutorial at the beginning of each new semester. Student workers are NOT required to complete the annual SIS Security Audit that occurs each summer. Please be aware that student workers are NOT allowed to access TRX.D.SUM or any of the Degree Progress processes.

Submitting Your SIS Access Request Form

To submit your SIS Access Request form, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the SIS Access Request form.
  2. Send the SIS Access Request form to the ITS Service Desk by email.