Google Apps at USC

Google Apps at USC is a USC-branded version of G Suite for Education, the online software that Google offers to schools and other non-profit organizations. Google Apps at USC provides students, faculty, and staff access to web-based word processing and spreadsheet programs, unlimited online storage, chat, and more.



Available to students, faculty, and staff with the restriction noted above for Gmail and Calendar.

Getting Started

To access Google Apps at USC on the web, log in at with your USC NetID username and password and then choose the Google Apps function you wish to access.

For information on accessing Google Apps at USC through a mobile device or to set up an email program to access your Google Apps at USC Gmail account, see the Google Apps at USC Support Documentation in this page’s menu.

Learn More

For more information about Google Apps at USC, see ITS’s support documentation, accessible from this page’s navigation menu.


  • ITS provides USC-specific documentation on topics such as configuring your email clients and mobile devices. This documentation is accessible from the navigation menu of this page.
  • Google also provides support documentation for the Google applications included in G Suite on their website in the G Suite Learning Center.
  • Users can receive additional support by contacting the ITS Customer Support Center.


Google Apps at USC is a free service.