Managing Your Email in Gmail

In accordance with the USC employee email policy, any important messages faculty wish to keep longer than 16 months will need to be stored in a top-level personal folder. In Gmail, these folders are known as labels.

Organizing Email with Labels/Folders

Gmail Labels/Folders and the USC Employee Email Policy

The USC Employee Email Policy states that email messages stored in default folders will be deleted 16 months after being received, sent, or drafted. You may store important messages for more than 16 months by moving them to personal folders, which are known as personal labels in Gmail.

For information on how to properly move your important messages, see the Moving Your Important Messages to Personal Gmail Labels page.

Getting Help

For more information about Gmail labels, see Organize your Gmail inbox using labels on the Gmail help site.

For help understanding how the employee email policy applies to your USC-branded Gmail account, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.