Data Encryption

Data Encryption protects your files and folders by preventing others from accessing them. Encryption protects confidential information on a computer or mobile devices that may be in a public place or shared by several users and safeguards against data theft if your computer is stolen.

All methods of data encryption require a password or key for access to protected data. It is important to remember these keys or keep them in a safe place, so you can access your information in the future. If you lose a key, you may be unable to access your encrypted files without the assistance of costly data recovery services.

The data encryption program that comes with your operating system is very basic. If you need to meet regulatory requirements for your data, such as HIPAA, FERPA, or PCI, you will need stronger security measures. Please contact for additional information.

For more information about protecting your data, select your operating system on the navigation bar and follow the instructions provided.

ITS offers these links as a courtesy only. The ITS Customer Support Center does not provide support for configuring, using, or troubleshooting encrypted drives or files. Please contact your operating-system manufacturer for further assistance.