Registering an Authentication Token to Duo

ITS supports these Yubico brand authentication tokens for use with Duo:

  • Fido U2F
  • Yubikey 4
  • Yubikey 4 Nano

Duo also supports other tokens that use the OATH-HOTP (Initiative for Open Authentication – HMAC-based one-time password) authentication standard.


  • You may register a Fido U2F token yourself by following the instructions below.
  • To register and sync other tokens to your account, contact the ITS Customer Support Center at or 213-740-5555.

Registering a Yubikey Fido U2F Token

Before you begin, please note these requirements:

  • The Yubikey Fido U2F tokens requires that you use the Google Chrome browser, version 41 or later, to register and authenticate.
  • You will need to verify your identity using a previously registered device.
  1. Access the Duo Please verify your identity screen by beginning the login process for any protected system.

    NOTE: As Workday requires you to verify your identity before every login, beginning the login process for Workday is the easiest way to access the Please verify your identity screen.

  2. From the menu on the left side of the Please verify your identity screen, select Add a new device.

  3. You will need to authenticate using a previously registered device to proceed. Authenticate as you would when accessing any other system.

  4. From the What type of device are you adding? screen, choose U2F token and click or tap Continue.

  5. From the Enroll U2F Token screen, click or tap Continue to confirm that you are not blocking pop-up windows.

    NOTE: You will need to allow pop-up windows in order to add a token. If your browser is set to block pop-up windows, you will need to temporarily enable them via your browser’s settings.

  6. When the Enroll Your U2F Token pop-up window appears, insert your token into an available USB port on your computer and press the button on the token. This will sync the token to your account.

  7. Click or tap the Continue to Login button to complete your token’s registration.

Authenticating with a Yubico Fido U2F Token

When you are prompted to authenticate with Duo, simply insert your token into an available USB port and press the button on the token. The key icon on the token will flash to prompt you.

You do not need to explicitly select an authentication option to use the token.

For your convenience, you may leave your token plugged into a USB port on your computer. Any time you need to authenticate, simply press the button on the token.