USC DocuSign eSignature

USC DocuSign eSignature is an electronic signature service, which allows users to quickly and securely send and receive documents, such as contracts, forms, or agreements, for review and signature from any device.

The university-approved DocuSign eSignature system can help USC departments streamline approval workflows and reduce paper usage by replacing the need for physical document routing and storing. Rather than use printed documents to gather signatures, USC departments can use electronic versions of those documents (in Microsoft Word, PDF, or other common formats) to gather signatures electronically. These electronically signed documents can be securely maintained on the university’s cloud-based systems.

For more information, see this industry brief on DocuSign’s advantages to higher education institutions.

How to Get Started

Log Into USC DocuSign eSignature

You can log into your account by going to or by clicking the red Log Into USC DocuSign button on this page.

  • If you have recently logged into a USC service via the red USC sign in page, you will proceed directly to your DocuSign account homepage.
  • If you have not recently logged into a USC service, you will be taken to the red USC sign in page, where you will need to complete the login process.

Request an Individual USC DocuSign eSignature Login Account

To create a new USC DocuSign eSignature individual login account, please submit the service request form linked here.

Accounts give users full access to the DocuSign suite of services. For information about available account types, see DocuSign Account Types.

For more information about DocuSign features, see the DocuSign FAQ and Support Links pages.

Note: USC DocuSign eSignature demo accounts are also available. Demo accounts allow users to experiment with USC DocuSign features without affecting their official, or live, accounts. Any templates created in a demo account can be transferred to live accounts upon request. To request a USC DocuSign eSignature demo account, email

DocuSign Walkthrough

The video below provides an overview of using the DocuSign service:


  • All USC faculty, staff, and students may send, receive, view, and sign documents using USC DocuSign eSignature.*
  • Non-USC-affiliated individuals, may receive, view, and sign documents sent from USC DocuSign eSignature.

  • *Please note: to use USC DocuSign eSignature, you must use your email address or a university email address ending in one of the extensions listed below:

    If your primary USC email address does not end in or one of the subdomains above, please contact to have your subdomain added.


To report an issue with your USC DocuSign eSignature account, please submit this service request form.

For assistance with using DocuSign, contact

For assistance with grading templates, contact


USC DocuSign is a free service for faculty, staff, and students.