AT&T Phone Conferencing

ITS offers an AT&T reservationless phone conferencing service that is easy to use and eliminates the need to schedule the conference call each time you want to use it. The AT&T service also offers global, toll-free access in many countries and cost savings compared to some of the other major carriers.

This service is available to all USC faculty and staff.


  • Up to 125 participants
  • National and international calling capabilities. (Calls can be made
    within the U.S., (including Hawaii and Alaska) Canada, Mexico, and 49
    additional countries). Please see the list of countries list below.
  • Two permanent dial-in phone numbers (caller-paid and toll-free)
  • Two permanent codes: a code for the host and a code for participants
  • A mute all participants option (host only)
  • A record conferences option (additional charges apply)

Getting Started

To register for the AT&T phone conferencing service, please go to or contact the ITS Communications Services Group at 213-740-3814.

Learn More

If you need help registering, please call the the ITS Communications Services Group at 213-740-3814 or the AT&T teleconferencing help desk at 800-526-2655.

For instructions on using the AT&T phone conferencing service, see the AT&T Phone Conferencing Instructions page.

For more information about the AT&T phone conferencing service, please contact the Communications Services Group at 213-740-3814.

At A Glance


This service is available to all USC faculty and staff.


  • Click here to download the AT&T Reservationless Phone Conferencing Registration Guide for USC Users.
  • For additional assistance, please call the AT&T teleconferencing help desk at 800-526-2655.


For caller-paid calls, the caller pays the fee for the phone call but not the the conference call. For toll-free calls, the conference organizer pays the fee for both the phone call and the conference call. Conference-call fees are listed below.

  • 2.3 cents per minute for caller-paid calls (plus taxes and surcharges)
  • 2.5 cents per minute for toll-free calls (plus taxes and surcharges)

NOTE: Conference organizers are strongly advised to not use Operator Dial Out to pay for a participant’s call as fees for this service can range from $7 to $22 per minute.

Country Toll Free Caller Paid
Argentina 0.173 N/A
Australia 0.085 0.130
Austria 0.116 0.130
Belgium 0.132 0.130
Brazil 0.228 N/A
Canada 0.084 N/A
Cayman Islands 0.138 N/A
Chile (includes Easter Island) 0.252 N/A
China 0.298 N/A
Colombia 0.259 N/A
Costa Rica 0.152 N/A
Czech Republic 0.197 0.130
Denmark 0.111 0.130
Dominica Republic 0.185 N/A
Finland 0.248 0.130
France 0.145 0.130
Germany 0.093 0.130
Greece 0.129 N/A
Hong Kong 0.085 0.130
Hungary 0.129 0.130
Iceland 0.117 N/A
India 0.150 N/A
Indonesia 0.280 N/A
Ireland 0.203 0.130
Israel 0.091 N/A
Italy 0.163 0.130
Japan 0.109 0.130
Kazakhstan 0.168 N/A
Korea (South) 0.179 0.130
Latvia 0.104 N/A
Luxembourg 0.107 0.130
Malaysia 0.084 0.130
Mexico 0.128 N/A
Netherlands 0.094 0.130
New Zealand 0.090 0.130
Norway 0.162 0.130
Panama 0.093 N/A
Peru 0.281 N/A
Philippines 0.258 N/A
Poland 0.089 N/A
Portugal 0.172 0.130
Russia 0.159 N/A
Singapore 0.084 0.130
South Africa 0.115 N/A
Spain 0.154 0.130
Sweden 0.227 0.130
Switzerland 0.109 0.130
Taiwan 0.204 0.130
Thailand 0.091 N/A
United Kingdom 0.089 0.104
Uruguay 0.122 N/A
Uzbekistan 0.145 N/A
Venezuela 0.217 N/A

NOTE: Some AT&T toll-free numbers may not be free or available when dialed from a cellular phone depending upon the country. Please have the participant check with the cellular phone provider in their country for additional details.