About Your USC NetID Password

Your USC NetID password is also referred to as your USC password, your UNIX password, and your enterprise password. It is the password that is associated with your USC computing account.

Your USC NetID password is the one that you enter on the USC NetID login page when you are accessing many USC systems, including the MyUSC portal, Blackboard, Trojan Time, and Workday.

Password Requirements

All USC account holders are required to create passwords, also known as passphrases, of 12 to 32 characters in order to improve password security. Once you have changed your password to a passphrase, you will not need to change it again for one year.

Tips When Changing Your Password

Create a Passphrase

Creating and remembering a passphrase is often simpler than creating and remembering a password. A passphrase can be made up of several words that form a phrase or sentence. Such passphrases are more secure than shorter, complex passwords.

Although a passphrase cannot be a single stand-alone dictionary word or a common phrase, it can be made up of several words that form a phrase or sentence, such as “mysmartpuppy” (12 characters), “outofthepurplesky” (17 characters), or “Mom drinks plenty of apple juice” (32 characters, counting spaces). The longer you make your password, the more secure it will be.

Other optional but recommended ways of increasing your passphrase’s security include adding a capital letter, punctuation mark, or number in the middle of your passphrase (“mysmar7tpuppy”), misspelling words (“outofthepuurplesky”), or swapping the order of the words (“Mom drinks plenty of juice apple”).

Update Your Devices

NOTE: Before you change your password on the ITS website, you should place all of your mobile devices in airplane mode to avoid potential account lockout issues.

After changing your password on the ITS website, you will also need to update your password in programs or mobile devices where your password has been stored. This includes email applications and USC wireless settings.

Account holders should be aware that it may take up to 15 minutes for your new password to become effective. During this time, your old password will continue to function.

For more tips on password security, see the Password Security Tips page.

Systems That Rely on the USC Password

Below is a list of some of the primary systems that require your USC password. When you change your USC password, the change will apply to the systems below.

Note: Some USC schools and departments maintain local systems that are not dependent on the USC password. Systems where you are asked for PIN (instead of a password) are not dependent on your USC password.

  • Workday
  • Blackboard
  • Google Apps at USC
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MyUSC and all single sign-on applications when accessed through MyUSC, including Oasis, Registration, Course Evaluations, Add Syllabus to Schedule of Classes
  • USC Secure Wireless
  • Trojan Time

Note for IT Support Staff: The applications affected are primarily those that rely on Kerberos or Shibboleth for authentication. However, some school-based web applications that authenticate via LDAP may also be affected.