Student Services

USC’s Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a variety of services to support students in their learning, research, and other activities. This page will give you an overview of these services.

Activating Your Account

    Before activating your USC NetID account, you must be registered for classes or have paid your tuition deposit and certified that you will be attending USC. You also must agree to observe the university’s computing policies, which are available at

    USC expects members of its community to familiarize themselves with copyright laws as they pertain to the educational environment. You can find a copy of the annual copyright compliance letter that is sent to all students at, along with links to other important information about illegal file sharing.

    When you are ready to activate your USC NetID account, go to the USC NetID Account Services website.

      Username and Password

      ITS assigns all users a unique username based on their name. It is important that you create a secure password for your USC account. Please see the About Your USC Password page for information on creating a secure password.

      To protect your computing account and the university computer system, ITS recommends that you visit the USC NetID Account Services website to change your password every year.

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Email and Google Apps

    As a USC student, you receive a special Gmail account that allows you to use your email address. This account gives you unlimited online storage space and provides access to Google’s online word processing and spreadsheet programs, sharable calendars, and more. See for more information on Google Apps at USC.

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Connecting to the USC Network

    You can connect to the USC network wirelessly or through ResNet.

    Go to the Computer Registration page to learn about registering your personal computer or mobile device for the USC network.


      USC provides two wireless networks, an encrypted, high-speed network for USC account holders, along with an open wireless network for guests. For information about connecting to the wireless networks, see


      All the rooms in USC residence halls are connected to ResNet, a high-speed wired computer network. More information can be found at

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Antivirus and Computing Security

    All USC students, faculty, and staff should visit to download free antivirus software for their computing devices.

    Visit for information on keeping your computing devices secure. Visit the ITS Security Blog for information on current security issues, such as phishing attempts.

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    Blackboard ( is the online learning management system used by USC instructors to provide you with digital copies of syllabi, course notes, handouts, media files, website links, and hosted discussion forums.

    Blackboard allows you to upload assignments, take quizzes, communicate with classmates, and track your grades and progress in your classes. A mobile version of Blackboard, Blackboard Mobile Learn, is also available to provide USC instructors and students access to their Blackboard course information directly from their smartphones and tablets.

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Microsoft Office

    As a current USC student, you may download up to five copies of the latest version of Microsoft Office for use on your personal computing equipment, including desktop or laptop computers, and up to five copies on your iPhone, iPad, and Android and Windows mobile devices. For information on how to download this software, visit

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    MyUSC, the university’s portal, is available at It provides personalized and customizable gateway pages via USC’s single-sign-on system, which lets you use your USC NetID credentials to access multiple university services.

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    As a USC student, you receive free access to, an online training provider offering more than 2,380 courses on a broad range of computing and technology topics, including Google Apps, Blackboard, Adobe products, Microsoft Office, web design and development, audio/video production, computer programming, and mobile devices. For access, visit

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USC Computing Centers

    Stop by one of USC’s computing centers for access to technology-enhanced collaborative spaces, computers, wireless networking, and wireless printing. Centers are located at Waite Phillips Hall of Education (WPH B34), King Olympic Hall (KOH 206), and the Ahmanson Information Commons at Leavey Library (LVL Lower Level). Laptop loans are available to registered students.

    Visit for details.

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Documentation, Announcements, and Alerts

    You can find computing alerts and announcements on the ITS homepage at The ITS website also contains documentation on connecting to the USC network and using supported software programs.

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Illegal File Sharing

    ITS provides a variety of resources to help students understand copyright issues related to digital media and file-sharing technologies, along with the risks of illegal file sharing.

    See for more information.

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Getting Help

    For help with network connectivity and software, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center by emailing or calling 213-740-5555. See the Contact ITS page for more information.