Using Zoom in Blackboard (For Instructors)

Instructors can schedule, start, edit and delete Zoom meetings in their Blackboard courses. You can also view and manage any recordings of Zoom course meetings that you have saved in the cloud.

Getting Started

  1. Activate your USC Zoom account at
    • You must have a USC Zoom account to use the Zoom tool in Blackboard.
    • Instructions for activating your account and learning Zoom basics are found on itservices/zoom/training

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in a Blackboard Course

  1. Log into and click into a course you teach.
  2. Click the Tools button in the left sidebar, scroll down and click USC Zoom Pro Meeting.
    • You will be taken to a Zoom page that lists all the upcoming Zoom course meetings you have scheduled and allows you to schedule a new Zoom meeting.
    • This page also has tabs for prior meetings and meeting recordings you have saved in the cloud.
  3. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button in the upper right-hand side of the page to schedule a class meeting
    • You will be taken to a meeting setup page where you can schedule the date and time of your class meeting and select the options you want for that meeting.
    • If needed, copy the Join URL for the meeting so that you can send it to your students.
  4. Once you have scheduled a meeting, click Save. Your new class meeting will be added to the USC Zoom Upcoming Meetings page in Blackboard.

How to Start a Scheduled Course Meeting

To start a scheduled meeting:

  1. Go to your class in Blackboard and click Tools.
  2. Scroll down and click USC Zoom Pro Meeting.
  3. Click the Start button next to the meeting.

How to Join a Scheduled Course Meeting as a Student

To join a scheduled course meeting, your students should:

  1. Go to your class in Blackboard
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click USC Zoom Pro Meeting. From there, they will see links to all their Zoom course meetings.
  4. Students can click the Join button next to the desired meeting to enter the meeting.

You can also copy the Join URL from the Zoom meeting setup page and post it in the Blackboard course or send it to your students. Students can then join by clicking on the URL in the post or message.

How to Add a Zoom Link Your Course Menu

Instructors can add the Zoom tool to their course menu by following these steps:

  1. Go into the selected course.
  2. In the upper left corner of the course menu, click the little icon with the plus sign inside a circle.
  3. Select the Tool link option.
  4. A popup window titled Add Tool Link will appear.
  5. Enter a name for your Zoom meeting in the Name field (e.g., “USC Zoom”)
  6. In the Type drop-down menu, scroll-down to select USC Zoom Pro Meeting.
  7. Click Submit.

This menu item will appear at the bottom of the course menu. Instructors can move the link to make it visible to all students in the course.

Please note: A link to the Zoom tool will be automatically added to the course menus of new courses beginning in the summer of 2020.

Getting Help

For information on how to conduct Zoom meetings, both inside and outside of Blackboard, see If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.