USC Wireless Support

ITS provides phone and email support for wireless devices. For support, call 213-740-5555 or send an email to

Due to the variety of wireless adapters and operating systems, the ITS level of support for wireless is limited in the following areas:

  • Verifying your USC computing account status
  • Verifying your computer or device’s connection status
  • Verifying the configuration of Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
  • Verifying that the ITS-installed wireless access point at the user’s location is working


While there are no general restrictions or system requirements for using the wireless network, not all computer systems or devices will work with the wireless network. While any computer or mobile device that uses the IEEE 802.11b-n standard should work with USC Secure Wireless and USC Guest Wireless, support for other networking hardware that may be used with the wireless networks is not available.

Mobile Devices

ITS provides limited support for mobile devices.

Access to the USC Secure Wireless and USC Guest Wireless networks on a mobile device is not supported by ITS. Concerns about hardware compatibility should be directed to the hardware manufacturer. Additionally, ITS does not support any third-party VPN clients for mobile devices. You may use the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to access VPN from any device running iOS 4 – 7.

Applications and Resources

Some applications and resources that you intend to use or access via your wireless service may not work to your expectations. Access to proprietary or non-ITS supported servers, networks or resources (third-party resources) cannot be guaranteed. ITS does not offer support for third-party resources.

If a user’s computer or mobile device cannot detect USC wireless network and the access point is working properly, the user will be advised to either try accessing the network from another location, contact the manufacturer, or obtain other assistance.

If a user’s computer or mobile device and VPN client are configured correctly and the access point is working properly, the user will be advised to either try accessing the network from another location or obtain other assistance.

Wireless connectivity can be hampered by any water-based material (including trees and even people) or other obstacles like walls or doors. ITS cannot do anything to rectify slow, intermittent connections or loss of connectivity created by such obstacles.

If access points are not working properly, or if multiple users in the same location with correctly devices and VPN clients cannot access the network, ITS will dispatch a technician within 24 business hours to check the wireless access points in that location.

Policies and Security

Users of the USC Network are expected to be familiar with and to follow the USC Computing Policies
set forth by the University and ITS. You, as a user, are responsible for your own computer’s security and for the security of any other device you may use with your wireless service. Use of an anti-virus program is highly recommended.

Getting Help

For problems or questions related to your USC wireless connection, contact the ITS Customer Support Center.