Connecting to USC Secure Wireless using Android

This page provides instructions on how to configure your Android device to connect to USC Secure Wireless.

Note: Due to the many different types of Android devices, not every Android-based device will work in the same way. ITS is not able to guarantee that these instructions will work on every Android device (4.0 and later). This documentation was created using Android 4.1.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Configuring Your Connection to USC Secure Wireless

  1. From the Home menu, go to Settings.
  2. From Settings, choose Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to ON.
  3. android_secwireless_wifion

  4. From the available Wi-Fi networks, select USC Secure Wireless.
  5. android_secwireless_choose

  6. On the USC Secure Wireless screen, in the Identity field, enter your your USC NetID username. In the Password field, enter your USC NetID password. Your USC NetID is the username and password you use to connect to services such as and Workday. Leave the rest of the fields empty.
  7. android_secwireless_auth

  8. Tap Connect.
  9. You should now be connected to USC Secure Wireless.
  10. android_secwireless_connected

Getting Help

To get help with access to USC Secure Wireless, contact the ITS Customer Support Center.