Websites for Faculty, Staff, and Departments

USC faculty, staff, and departments have several free and fee-based options for creating websites for themselves and for their schools and units.

Free Website Options

USC Google Sites

Faculty and staff can create free, template-based websites using Google Sites. These sites can either be public or can be limited to a specific set of users.

For more information on creating web pages using Google Sites, see

Sites at USC

Sites at USC is a high-quality, self-service option for building, hosting, and maintaining public websites at no cost. For more information creating websites using Sites at USC, see

School- and Unit-based Website Tools

USC schools and units may offer free website creation tools to their faculty and staff. To see what tools are available, please contact the local IT support for your school or unit.

Some schools and units have posted specific guidelines and tools for developing website content. See the links below for more information:

Fee-based Website Options

Third-Party Services

There are many third-party web hosting and web design services that faculty, staff, schools, and units can use to help them create web pages.

Once these pages are created, users can request a USC website address (also known as a URL) for the website.

For information on creating a USC website address for a website designed and/or hosted by a third-party, see