Web Hosting

ITS provides resources for publishing information on the web. There is no charge for using these servers, but you will need to apply for a website maintainer account for departmental and organizational sites.

  • University Departments and Faculty/Staff Organizations

    CWIS (cwis.usc.edu), the USC web server, has provided free web publishing for academic, research, administrative and service units, university-affiliated faculty/staff organizations and professional organizations with a USC website maintainer. The CWIS server is being retired. New CWIS accounts are no longer available and existing CWIS accounts will be retired as of summer 2018. For more information, see itservices.usc.edu/cwis.

  • Recognized Student Organizations

    Student organizations can request a computer account for creating web pages and organizational email. Account requests are handled through the Student Activities Office.

  • Google Sites

    Google Sites allows USC faculty, staff, and students to create free, custom web sites using their USC-provided Google accounts.

Departmental Servers

While USC offers hosting on its web servers to the USC community, some campus units choose to run their own servers. To obtain a publishing account on a private server, please contact your unit’s administrator.

If you’re interested in pointing a USC domain name at an external server, please read our section on USC URLs.

Official USC URLs

Any university affiliated website can have an official USC domain name (e.g. sitename.usc.edu), provided the site meets USC’sĀ guidelines.

Redirects from www.usc.edu

You can request a redirect in the form www.usc.edu/sitename to an official USC website (located at a URL such as sitename.usc.edu).