UNIX accounts are automatically created for every student, faculty and staff member at the University of Southern California. In order to activate it, simply fill out the account activation page at the USC NetID Account Services website. After completing this form, it will ask you to set a password and an hour after this, you’ll be ready to go.

There are several types of UNIX accounts ITS provides:

  • Student Computing Facility Accounts – A UNIX or computer account is created automatically for all students who are
    registered for a degree program at USC. The account will remain active as long as you are a registered student at USC.
  • Basic Computing Facility Accounts – A UNIX account is now created automatically for everybody who is on the University
    payroll. The resources available for BCF accounts are much greater than those availed to SCF accounts: see our Server Overview page for specific details about these machines. For information on connecting with your BCF/Mizar account, see our Mizar Overview documentation.
  • Health Sciences Campus Accounts – Provides students, faculty and staff on the Health Science Campus and at the School of Dentistry with general computing resources.
  • High-Performance Computing Accounts – Research UNIX accounts are available to faculty and staff. See our High-Performance Computing website for more information on these accounts.

UNIX Account Policies

All computer account users are required to read and abide by the ITS Computing and Usage Policies. You can review the ITS computing polices on-line at cio.usc.edu/policies/).

  • Keep in mind that you have a disk usage quota on your account that you should monitor. To see what your usage is, type quota -v at the UNIX prompt. The quota, usage and limit will show up in a list. To request more space, contact your department’s Authorized Signer.

Accessing Your UNIX Account

For information on accessing your UNIX account, see our SSH and SFTP documentation.