Toll-Free Phone Numbers

ITS offers toll-free phone service for USC schools and departments that need to provide their customers with a toll-free phone number for a fee.

There are two types of toll-free service: MegaComm and Readyline. MegaComm is generally available at locations with the following numbers: 213-740-XXXX, 213-821-XXXX, and 323-442-XXXX. In locations where MegaComm is unavailable, your department or school will need to use Readyline.


Available to all USC schools and departments

Getting Started

To request a toll-free number for your school or department, please submit a request via a Communication Service Request (CSR) (USC Login Required).


Setup and Activation Fee $41
Recurring Monthly Charge $30
MegaComm Service Usage Rate $0.0194 per minute
Readyline Service Usage Rate $0.0321 per minute