Phone and Internet Services

ITS provides USC schools and departments with basic phone and Internet services for a Technology Connection Charge (TCC). Schools and departments can also choose enhanced phone services for an additional fee.


Basic Features

Basic phone and internet services included in the Technology Connection Charge (TCC) are:

  • Dial tone on campus
  • Voicemail
  • 5-digit (extension) dialing
  • Local and long-distance calling within the U.S
  • Internet connection (wired and wireless)
  • Maintenance from the switch to the wall jack

TCC does not cover phone sets, jack installation, adds, moves, or changes of services.

Enhanced Features

Call Center Services: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Typically used in a call center environment, ACD is a phone system feature which tracks and distributes incoming calls into a group of agents and keeps performance statistics. 

Automated Attendant (AA)

Automated Attendant is a voicemail-based menu tree that helps direct callers to appropriate information or destinations.  

Multi-Line Hunt Group (MLHG)

A Multi-Line Hunt Group (MLHG) allows calls made to a single phone number to ring on a group of phones identified as members of the MLHG.  The number of simultaneous calls that can be made into the main number is determined by the size of the multi-line hunt group.

MLHG options include:

  • Hunt type (such as circular or uniform distribution)
  • Call queueing
  • Music in queue
  • Group call forwarding (typically to general voice mailbox)
  • Position busy (button on phone)
  • Group busy (button on phone)


All USC schools and departments

Getting Started

To request phone and Internet services, please submit a request via a Communication Service Request (CSR) (USC Login Required).

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911 Emergency Policy

Under the current 911 Emergency policy, every USC telephone number must be associated with only one room within a building and cannot be moved by the user to another location for emergency response reasons.  We cannot add telephone-line extensions to more than one room because the 911 database displays only one building and room per telephone number. The Los Angeles Police Department, Fire Department, and Paramedics can only be dispatched to one location when contacted in an emergency.

Phone Set Maintenance

Schools and departments may choose to maintain their own telephone sets or select the ITS telephone maintenance plan for an additional fee.  Maintenance plans are only available at time of new phone purchase for USC ITS purchased multi button phones. Analog sets are not included or supported under this option. Departments will be billed an annual maintenance fee of $48.00 for a 20-button set or $60.00 for a 50-button set.  All maintenance contracts run through June 30. Contracts beginning January 1 or later are prorated at half the annual rate.  Multi-line phones purchased from third party vendors cannot be covered by the ITS telephone maintenance plan.

Support services are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; weekends and university holidays are excluded. 


For assistance with phone and Internet services, please submit a request via a Communication Service Request (CSR) (USC Login Required).


Basic phone and Internet services are covered under the Technology Connection Charge. Pricing for enhanced phone and Internet services will vary.