Manage File-Sharing Permissions on USC-Provided Storage Services

When you share confidential files or folders from your USC-provided storage services, such as Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, or Dropbox, it is important to make certain you that you share these files only with the people that should have access to them.

The links below provide basic information on sharing files and folders from USC-provided storage services, information on how to check with whom you are sharing files, and how to change your sharing permissions, if necessary.

Additionally, you should keep the following information in mind:

  • When you share a folder with someone, you are sharing the entire contents of that folder. Before you share a folder, confirm that the recipient(s) should have access to every document within that folder.
  • Cloud storage providers may expand or modify their services in ways that affect how files are shared. It is a good idea to regularly check the sharing permissions on any confidential files.

OneDrive for Business

Google Drive

USC Dropbox for Faculty

More information on managing file permissions on Dropbox can be found in the “Manage shared file access” category on Dropbox’s Sharing files and folders page.

Additional Assistance

For additional assistance on properly sharing files or folders from USC-provided storage services, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.