Ordering SPSS for Students

USC students may request* an annual subscription to IBM SPSS statistics software from ITS. Requests for renewals of licenses also follow the same process below.

* If you are enrolled in a class, please ask your instructor for the SPSS license.

SPSS Premium

ITS offers a IBM SPSS premium package to students at no cost. This package contains the following modules:

  • Statistics Base
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Regression
  • Custom Tables
  • Data Preparation
  • Missing Values
  • Forecasting
  • Decision Trees
  • Direct Marketing
  • Complex Samples
  • Conjoint
  • Neural Networks
  • Bootstrapping
  • Categories
  • Exact Tests

This package is an annual software subscription that must be requested yearly.

Requesting Your Subscription

To request your software subscription from ITS:

  1. DocuSign the IBM SPSS Statistics Software Agreement Form.
  2. Download and email a copy of your completed DocuSign form to . You MUST email from your USC email account.

Additional Information

If you have questions or problems regarding the ordering process for IBM SPSS please send an email . Complete documentation for IBM SPSS statistics software is available at www.spss.com.