SAS e-Learning

All USC faculty, staff, and students have access to SAS e-Learning, an online training system that provides step-by-step SAS training through video instructions and examples. This document includes instructions on how to create your SAS profile, which is required to access SAS e-Learning, as well as how to access e-Learning courses for your version of SAS.

Creating Your SAS Profile

To access SAS e-learning, you must first create a SAS profile. Follow the instructions below to create your profile.

  1. Go to the My SAS Profile website.
  2. In the First Name field, enter your first name.
  3. In the Last Name field, enter your last name.
  4. In the Email field, enter your USC email address.
  5. In the Company/Organization field, enter University of Southern California.
  6. From the Country drop-down menu, select United States and then choose California from the State/Province/Territory drop-down menu.
  7. From the Affiliation with SAS drop-down menu, select Customer/User.
  8. Check the box next to I agree to the terms of use and legal information.
  9. Click Create Profile.
  10. sasprof1.png

  11. The next screen will explain that you will receive email with the subject “Please activate your SAS Profile.”
  12. sasprof2.png

  13. In this email, click the enclosed link to go to a page to set a password for your My SAS Profile account and complete the My SAS Profile creation process.
  14. sasprof3.png

Accessing SAS e-Learning

Once you have logged into your SAS profile, use the following steps to access SAS e-Learning:

  1. Click the Support & Training tab near the top of the SAS homepage.
  2. saselearning1.png

  3. Next, click the Training link on the left side of the screen, in the Training & Bookstore section.
  4. saselearning2.png

  5. Click My Training in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  6. saselearning3.png

  7. To access the e-Learning courses for your version of SAS, enter the letter g followed by your 8-digit SAS Tech Site Number in the box on the right-hand side of the screen labelled “To Activate a New Product.”
  8. saselearning4.png
    Note: If you do not know how to find your SAS Tech Site Number, follow the instructions found on the SAS License Assistance web page.

Getting Help

For help with any technical issues while running SAS software, submit your problem directly to SAS using the SAS Technical Support Form.