Statistical Software

This page provides summary information about the following statistical software packages offered by ITS: SAS, Stata, SPSS, and JMP.


SAS is a statistical software program that is able to handle a broad range of variables and observations and excels at data management, especially with large files. Tasks in SAS are carried out using a graphical user interface (GUI) or through command line programming.

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JMP is a statistical software program that dynamically links statistics with graphics to allow users to explore, understand, and visualize data. It offers a GUI but also allows for custom programming and script development via the JMP Script Language (JSL).

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SPSS is designed for point-and-click usage with the GUI. An available command structure, called SPSS Syntax, is useful for managing data in SPSS. SPSS is useful for basic data management, statistical analysis, and graphing with smaller data sets.

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Stata is designed for command line usage but also offers a user-friendly GUI that allows for working with menus. Stata can handle analysis of large data sets.

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Additional Information

For additional information on these statistical software packages, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center or see the USC Libraries’ ITS Statistical Software LibGuide.