Reserving Audiovisual Equipment


(Photo/J.P. Morgan)

USC’s general-assignment classrooms are equipped with basic audiovisual equipment, eliminating the need for reservations of standard equipment.

Basic audiovisual equipment includes:

  • An LCD projector or LCD monitor, projection screen, speakers
  • An audiovisual wall box containing
    • A DVD or Blu-ray video player
    • A fold-down table for placement of portable source equipment (e.g. laptop computer, MP3 player, etc.)
    • Lighting controls
    • Additional auxiliary analog (VGA, composite) and digital inputs (HDMI) to connect other devices
    • A help phone with one number to call for assistance (213-821-6601)

Using the wall box or front-of-room interface, faculty and presenters can connect laptop computers or other compatible audiovisual source equipment to the provided LCD projector and audio system.

Please be sure to bring all connection cables, power adapters, and power cords you need to connect your personal equipment. Learning Environments does not provide adapters for Apple hardware to connect to standard VGA or HDMI cables.

Reserving Non-Standard Equipment

Non-standard equipment (including document cameras and region-free DVD players) need to be reserved for all rooms.

Microphones need to be reserved for the following rooms:

  • Grace Ford Salvatori Hall (GFS): 101, 116, 118
  • Mudd Hall (MHP): B7B, 101, 105, 106
  • Taper Hall (THH): 114,116, 210, 212
  • Von KleinSmid Center (VKC): 100, 150, 152, 156

To reserve any non-standard equipment, fill out the Learning Environments Equipment Request form.

NOTE: VHS VCR players are no longer available as will-call items in ITS-managed classrooms.

Please note that classroom reservations are handled through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. To reserve a classroom, please email the USC Classroom Scheduling office.