Compatible Devices

(Photo/J.P. Morgan)

ITS and the USC Bookstore have teamed up to identify devices that are compatible with the ITS-managed spaces.

All ITS classrooms and auditoria are equipped with standard VGA and HDMI connectors. Depending on your device, you may need to bring an adapter to connect to our audiovisual equipment in order to project your course content.

Connecting to our Audiovisual Equipment

If your device has a standard VGA or HDMI connector, pictured below, you will be able to connect to our equipment using the cables provided in each room. Most Windows-based laptops will have these standard connectors.

VGA_port.jpg HDMI1.jpg
Standard VGA Connector Standard HDMI Connector

NOTE: You will need to provide a compatible VGA or HDMI adapter to connect to the ITS audiovisual equipment for all Apple devices. ITS has a limited number of adapters in our SAL and WPH offices for emergency use only, and only for instructors. ITS does not stock all adapter models. Adapters borrowed from ITS must be returned at the end of the class period.

The USC Bookstore sells adapters that will enable you to connect the Apple devices listed below to our equipment:

  • MacBook Pro – all versions
  • MacBook Air – all versions
  • iPad 2 or higher

Incompatible Devices

At this time, Kindle devices do not work with the audiovisual equipment installed in ITS-managed spaces.

Getting Help

To receive assistance with connecting devices in any ITS-managed general-assignment classroom or auditorium, contact ITS Learning Environments Support.