Retirement of ITS-Supported Unix Servers

Information Technology Services (ITS) retired the following Unix time-sharing servers on August 8, 2019. These servers include:

ITS will retire the student Unix time-sharing servers, Aludra and Nunki (collectively known as SCF), in Spring 2020.

These servers run on an old operating system, Solaris, and on hardware that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. There are new web platforms that are faster and more reliable for storing files and/or hosting the websites that you built in the Solaris environment. The newer platforms also make it easier to update your websites.

Support Resources

ITS is offering the following support resources to help prepare you to move your files and websites to a modern platform:

  • If you need assistance determining which new platforms are appropriate for hosting your BCF, HSC, or SCF content and websites, please see the Use-Case Scenarios and Solutions page.
  • If you need instructions on how to safely move your content from BCF, HSC, or SCF to ITS-supported platforms for file storage and web hosting, see the Moving the Content of Your ITS-Supported Unix Account.
  • If you need additional support to help prepare for this change, including consultation or online support presentations, send an email to

School/Unit-Based Resources

Your school or unit may be able to provide additional tailored options and assistance for moving your files and websites to a new platform. To find your school or unit’s IT support contact, please see the Local IT for Schools and Departments page.

Additional Assistance

If you have questions or concerns on the retirement of these services or need additional assistance moving your files or websites, please send an email to or call the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555.