Sites at USC

Sites at USC is a high-quality, self-service option for building, hosting, and maintaining public websites at no cost.


  • Custom websites and blogs (No coding required!)
  • Three USC graphic identity-compliant website themes
  • Easy-to-edit site templates that include commonly used pages and best practices
  • WordPress CMS
  • 24/7 email support and extensive support knowledgebase


All current USC faculty and staff can request sites, students can be added to sites as editors.

Data Security

Please note that websites created through Sites at USC are public sites and not approved for storing or transferring legally regulated or high-risk information. For a list of these prohibited categories of information, see the Data Security page.

Getting Started

To access Sites at USC:

  1. Go to and click Get started to check your eligibility.
  2. Once you have confirmed your eligibility, click Request a website! to request your site.
  3. Your request will be reviewed within three business days, and if approved, you will be able to access and begin editing.

Getting Help


This is a free service.