Help with SIS Functions from Other Departments

For some queries, the person who can best help you is in another department. The following are some people and offices to whom we often refer people for assistance, along with their contact information.

Academic Records and Registrar

SIS Liaison, Registrar’s Office – Davey Lam: 213-740-6052
Associate Registrar – Robert Morley: 213-740-6963
Academic Services – Lorna Tureaud: 213-740-6963
Registrar’s Reports – Frank Chang: 213-740-5306


SIS Liaison, Admissions – Bill Gordon: 213-821-1572
Undergraduate Admissions Information, Assistance, and Access – Rebecca Chassin: 213-821-1128
Graduate Admissions Information and Assistance:
Graduate Admissions Access – Stephen McCall: 213-821-5955
Admissions Reports – Sam Velazquez: 213-821-7726
Image Viewer User Support – ITS Customer Support: 213-740-5555


SIS Liaison, Bursar – Betty Cowin: 213-740-4091
Bursar Reports – Denise Buttrey: 213-740-4091

Degree Progress

SIS Liaison, Degree Progress – Matt Bemis: 213-740-1328

Financial Aid

SIS Liaison, Financial Aid – Jenny Carroll: 213-740-8650
Financial Aid Reports and Access – Robert Guevara: 213-740-5453
Departmental Aid/College Work-Study User Support – Pamela Dixon: 213-740-9530

Class Scheduling

Assistant Registrar – Frank Chang: 213-740-5306
Classroom Scheduling – Mayra Fernandez: 213-740-4612
Curriculum – Kristine Hren Moe: 213-740-1155
Production Control – Louie Manalastas: 213-740-7745

Academic Departments – Additional Approval Signators

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – Denise Wiegel: 213-740-8108

Marshall School of Business – Donna Bean: 213-740-3284

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Access and Support – Armen Khachikian: 213-821-2533