What Kind of Access Should You Request?

As prospective system users and their supervisors fill out the SIS Access Request Form, one question that frequently arises is, “How do I know what kind of access to ask for?” You and your supervisor should determine the processes you will need in order to perform your particular departmental duties. Many university employees who use SIS require only basic access to do their jobs.

Basic Access

Basic access allows you access to many of the Admissions (ADM), Registration and Records (RNR), Student System Wide (SIS), and Bursar (BUR) display-only processes on SIS, as well as the Student Address Update process. The Basic Training class is required for all new users and covers six of the most frequently used of these processes. This class also gives you general information on how to use the system and what your responsibilities are as a system user.

NOTE: Access to student academic records is provided to staff, student workers, and faculty members to allow them to perform their duties. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (also known as the Buckley Amendment or FERPA), which provides for the privacy of student records. (www.usc.edu/dept/ARR/ferpa)

Additional Access

If you’re going to be performing more specialized tasks (such as giving D- Clearances or scheduling classes for your department) or if you need to look at certain types of records on the Student Information System (such as student transcripts), you will need to request additional access beyond what basic access allows.

We have compiled the following table to assist you in determining the SIS processes you’ll need to successfully perform your departmental duties. If you have questions, you can also contact the User Coordination Group by calling 213-740-5337 or emailing SISHelpU@usc.edu.

Advising Students

Process Code Description
TRX.D.SUM Shows a summary of student coursework done here at USC.
APA.D.OTRACS Displays a current undergraduate credit statement.
APA.R.OTRACS Prints a report of a current undergraduate credit statement.
APA.D.GRACE.OK Displays a current graduate credit statement.
APA.R.GRACE.OK Prints a report of a current graduate credit statement.
APA.D.DTRACK Displays students’ progress toward a degree from the time when their degree check is posted to the time that they graduate.
APA.D.TRANS.SUM Displays a summary of students’ undergraduate and graduate level transfer coursework that has been accepted by USC.
APA.D.A2 Displays an Official Articulation Agreement.
SIS.U.WWWOAR Allows you to set up your own password for OASIS for Advisors and look at student information on the web at OASIS for Advisors.
SIS.U.ACTRES Lifts an activity restriction.
APA.D.STARS.VIEW Displays a student audit report.
APA.U.DP.EXC Updates student exceptions.
APA.U.STARS.LIST Requests a print out of a student’s STARS report.
APA.U.STARS.STUAUD Updates a student’s STARS report.

Submitting Degree Checks

Process Code Description
APA.U.DP.GRAD.INFO Submits degree checks for students close to graduating

Scheduling Classes

Process Code Description
RNR.U.SCHEDULE Schedules classes and make modifications to scheduled classes.
RNR.R.SECT.SUMM Prints a summary of scheduled classes for your department.
RNR.U.CSA Enters courses for non-majors into the Schedule of Classes.
RNR.U.LINK Links class sections.
RNR.D.CATALOG Displays catalog information for a course.

Giving Departmental Aid

Process Code Description
FAO.U.FMAP Allows senior business administrators to set up awards and their specifications, and give authorization to the persons who will grant the awards.
FAO.D.PACK Displays students’ financial aid package information.
FAO.U.DAFC Gives departmental grants to students.
FAO.U.DAST Gives departmental grants to students in the form of monthly stipend checks.
FAO.U.DAGA Gives departmental grants to graduate assistants.

Setting Up and Paying Work Study Students

Process Code Description
FAO.U.CWDT Displays your department’s available work study positions.
FAO.U.CWJA Sets up work study positions for student workers.

Giving Departmental (D-) Clearances and Prerequisite Waivers

Process Code Description
RNR.D.CLASSES Displays all the sections of a class, as well as class capacity and current enrollment.
RNR.U.SPEC.STUDENT Grants departmental (D) clearance for a student to enroll in a class.
RNR.U.SPEC.CLASS Grants departmental (D) clearance for more than one student to enroll in a class.
RNR.U.PREQ.STU Waives course prerequisites for a student.

Admitting Students to Graduate Programs

Process Code Description
ADM.U.GRAD.DEC Admits students to a graduate program.

Processing Inquiries from Prospective Students

Process Code Description
ADM.U.INQ.RES Processes inquiries by prospective students.

Clearing Activity Restrictions

Process Code Description
SIS.U.ACTRES Clears activity restrictions.

Downloading and Printing Class Rosters

Process Code Description
RNR.U.XT.ROSTER Downloads class rosters to your computer.