Clear Desk, Clear Screen

One easy way to help keep your information safe from unauthorized access is to maintain a clear workspace and a clear screen. With the move to a paperless culture, it is essential you are taking the proper precautions to keep your sensitive information secure.

Clear Desk

Keeping a clear workspace is easy. Make sure to put away sensitive documents, including post-its with password notes, before leaving your workspace.

Clear Screen

The most important thing to do before leaving any device unattended is lock the screen, so no one else can access your information.

Smart Devices: Methods for locking your mobile device include utilizing face recognition or fingerprint readers whenever possible and creating a unique PIN or passcode. Avoid using your birthday, birth year, part of your social security number, or any combination you have used elsewhere.

Computers/Laptops: In order to lock your computer, create and utilize a login password. Be sure to follow password best practices to ensure your password is secure. For tips on creating a strong password, see

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