Computer Registration

This documentation provides an overview of how to register desktops and laptops for use on the USC network. Only USC students, faculty, and staff with active USC email accounts may register computers for use on the USC network. Unregistered computers may be used on the USC wireless network.


In order to connect to the USC network using your personal computer and the Ethernet (Internet) jacks in USC’s residence halls, you must register your computer for use on ResNet. When you connect an unregistered computer to the network in USC residence halls, you will automatically be taken to the ResNet registration page.

ResNet offers dynamic IP addresses, which means that once you have registered a computer for ResNet, you may use the computer from any location on the ResNet network without having to re-register the computer.

You will need an active USC email account, including a USC username and password.

See the ResNet documentation (UPC) or HSC ResNet documentation for instructions.

Faculty and Staff

In order to connect a computer to the USC network in your office or other locations on USC’s campus, you must pre-register your computer for use on USCNet. This applies to personal computers as well as USC equipment.

USCNet offers two types of registration: static and dynamic. In most cases, you will choose static registration if you have a desktop computer that will always connect to the network from the same location. If you wish to register a laptop or a desktop that you will use in multiple locations on campus, you will need to register for a dynamic IP address.

In order to register a computer for a static IP address, you must be a USC faculty or staff member and have an active USC email account.

Please note that you cannot connect an unregistered computer to USCNet. This means that in order to complete the registration process, you will need to pre-register your computer in one of the following ways:

  • By using the USC wireless network.
  • By using another computer that is already connected to the USC network.
  • By registering your computer from home, or another off-campus location, before you bring it to campus.

If you need help finding your MAC address, see the USCNet documentation for instructions.

If you have a laptop computer and already know your MAC address, go to the
Dynamic IP Registration page.

If you have a desktop computer and already know your MAC address, go to the Static IP Registration page.