USC provides many programming resources for Windows and UNIX platforms. These tools support development in several languages, including C, C++, Java, FORTRAN, Perl, lisp, Visual Basic, and more.

Users may use PC development tools on any of the Windows workstations in ITS Computing Centers. Users with Student Computing Facility (scf) accounts may also develop their applications on aludra, nunki, or any of the Sun UltraSparc workstations in USC Computer Centers. Users with Basic Computing Facility (bcf) accounts may use mizar for development.

Getting Help

While the ITS Customer Support Center can help with the basic use of programming tools, ITS does not support programming syntax or program debugging in any way. ITS will accept reports that these tools are not functioning properly. Contact the ITS Customer Support Center.

If you need help with programming syntax or debugging, please consult your professor, TA, or one of the Related Links listed in this section.