Telephone Set Requirements and Prices

Departments can purchase new telephone sets directly from ITS for a one-time charge. Departments have the option of purchasing telephone sets from third-party vendors; sets must meet the standards below.


ITS requires, for all Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services, the Tone Commander 6220 telephone set, which provides 20 multi-function keys. Departments requiring more than 20 multi-function keys can purchase the Tone Commander 6030X expansion module, which provides 30 additional multi-function keys. Effective November 7, 2011, ISDN service will not be offered in new buildings and, wherever possible, not expanded in existing buildings. While ITS will continue to support existing Avaya, AT&T and Verizon ISDN telephone services, existing ISDN clients requiring multi-button telephone sets will be strongly encouraged to consider Avaya Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) alternatives.

The required telephone set for all Avaya switches varies based on the type of service being provided. For the digital lines it is an Avaya 24xx series. For Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is it a 46xx or 96xx series telephone. If a different set is preferred, it must be compatible with an Avaya Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

Any analog telephone set will work on an ITS-provisioned analog line, but it will not work with an ISDN, digital, or VoIP line. An ITS technician may need to configure the telephone set in order for the ISDN,  digital, or VoIP line to work properly. Analog telephone sets are not covered under ITS-maintained Telephone Support.

Telephone Set Prices

The following rates apply when purchasing telephone sets from ITS. Departments that purchase telephone sets other than the models required by ITS must ensure that their telephone sets are compatible with the National ISDN and the Lucent 5ESS Custom ISDN.

Telephone Set Make/Model Type One-time Charge
Single line with speakerphone (requires an electrical outlet) N/A Analog $61.00
Single line (line-powered) N/A Analog $69.00
20-button Avaya 2420 Digital $361.00
20-button Avaya 9630 VoIP $361.00
20-button Tone Commander 6220 ISDN $390.00
40-button Tone Commander 6220X ISDN $617.00

Please contact the ITS Customer Service Center at 213-740-3814 for assistance with determining what type of system and building configuration you currently have.