Audio and Video Teleconferencing

This page provides information about various phone and video conferencing options available at USC. Phone conferencing uses audio to connect people in different locations. Video conferencing uses audio and video to connect people in different locations.

Basic Three-Way Calling

Basic three-way calling allows you to participate in a phone conference call with up to two other callers. Simply dial the first phone number and press and release the hook (or flash button on a cell phone). When you hear a dial tone, repeat the steps for the second phone number, then press and release the hook or flash
button to connect all three participants.

Three-way calling is available from all phones provided by ITS.

ITS Phone Conferencing Service

The ITS phone conferencing service allows you to create a phone conference call with up to 10 callers. The service requires no reservations and offers a cost savings over other major carriers. Toll-free calls can be made within the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada. Caller-paid calls can be made from anywhere in the world.

Once you have signed up for the service, you will receive conference information that allows you to initiate or connect to conference calls. The service is available from any USC phone. For more information, please visit the ITS Phone Conferencing page.

ITS recommends that you use a conference phone (Polycom Sound Station) if your group plans to participate in a conference call by speaker phone. This will ensure improved sound quality. Conference phones have superior sound capabilities and transmit multiple voices clearly.

Conferencing Phone Rental

Audio conferencing phones (Polycom Sound Stations) provide superior sound quality and work with regular phone jacks. The ITS rental fee includes phone delivery, setup, and retrieval. It does not include phone-line installation, usage, monthly service charges, or use of a phone conferencing service.

Half day: $34.00

Full day: $50.00

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be used to conduct meetings between two sites (point-to-point) or among several sites (multi-point). It can also be used to share or exchange documents and other information.

Video conferencing is available for free in most USC libraries and in some studio classrooms. Video conferencing services are also available from ITS for a fee. To learn more about your video conferencing options, please visit the Video Conferencing page.

ITS Teleconferencing Services at 3434 South Grand Avenue

Setup Rate Service Features
Audio Conference Number, no creation fee, lifetime lease Toll free: $0.03 per minute, per caller; Caller paid: $0.02 per minute, per caller
  • Everyone dials an assigned 821-xxxx number.
  • Two passcodes are assigned: one for the teleconference
    chairperson, the other for teleconference participants.
  • The chairperson passcode provides access to the bridge’s
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services,
    which includes voting, muting, queing questions,
    locking/unlocking the conference, taking roll call, etc.
  • Accommodates up to twelve participants.
Video conference number, no creation fee, lifetime lease H.323/IP or caller-paid H.320/ISDN: $0.03 per minute, per caller.
  • Video participants using H.323 (IP) must use USC’s Gatekeeper.
    They dial the bridge’s prefix (88) followed by either the room’s name
    or numeric ID.
  • Audio participants dial an assigned 821-xxxx number.
  • Accommodates up to twelve participants by IP.
  • Accommodates up to four participants by ISDN.
Temporary Video Conference Number by Reservation $75 per hour
  • Everyone dials an assigned 821-xxxx number for the event.
  • Accommodates up to twelve participants by IP.
  • Accommodates up to four participants by ISDN.

For questions regarding this service, please contact

For more information about conference phones, please contact the
Customer Support Center at 213-740-3814.