USC Mail List Policies

USC maintains mailing list software to assist its community in electronic communication.

A list must have a full-time USC faculty or staff member, or a member of a recognized student group as the list owner. If the list owner is not a full-time faculty or staff member, the list will need a sponsor who is. Requests from student groups should list the group’s faculty advisor as the sponsor.

It is the list owner’s responsibility to deal with the errors on the list, to be the final authority of list content, and to be the point of contact when dealing with the systems support staff. There may be more than one list owner.

The list must be of interest or benefit to the USC community. This is not to say that all or most of the users must be at USC. The list should not be composed entirely of addresses outside of USC.

Neither the List Manager nor USC Information Technology Services can provide any
listings of email addresses for your list.

Account usage policies also apply.

For more information, contact for list creation.