Phone Conferencing

Information Technology Services offers several ways for USC faculty and staff to place conference calls. These options include three-way calling, monthly and per-minute services through ITS, and international conference call capability through AT&T. In additions to phone conference lines, ITS also provides rentals of conference phones.

Phone conferencing services are available to all USC faculty and staff.


  • Basic Three-Way Calling: Basic three-way calling allows you to participate in a phone conference call with up to two other callers. Three-way calling is available from all phones provided by ITS.
  • ITS-provided Phone Conferencing: Phone conferencing for up to 12 participants within the United States.
  • AT&T Phone Conferencing: ITS offers an AT&T reservationless phone conferencing service that can connect up to 125 participants around the world.

Getting Started

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This service is available to all USC faculty and staff.


  • For assistance with setting up basic three-way calling and ITS phone conferencing services or for assistance with ordering conference phone equipment, call the ITS Communications Services Group at 213-740-3814.
  • For assistance with AT&T phone conferencing, call the AT&T teleconferencing help desk at 800-526-2655.


Basic Three-Way Calling


ITS-provided Phone Conferencing

For rate information for ITS-provided phone conferencing services, see the ITS Phone Conferencing page.

AT&T Phone Conferencing

For rate information for the AT&T phone conferencing service, see the AT&T Phone Conferencing page.