Phone and Internet

Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone replaces USC’s costly legacy telephony and communications systems that have limited ability to support how our campuses operate today and in the future. The Zoom Phone Transition Toolkit provides key information about the overall transition to Zoom Phone as well as training and support resources for faculty and staff.

Five9 Platform for Contact Centers

USC Information Technology Services offers the Five9 virtual contact center platform to support USC contact centers such as Enrollment Services and the Student Health Center.

Mobile Phone Ordering

The university has negotiated with AT&T Mobility, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless for special faculty, staff, and student plans. Please contact the vendor representatives at the numbers provided below for more details.

Pager Ordering

The ITS Communications Services Group can help coordinate the purchase, activation, and monthly rental fees associated with pagers.

Phone Conferencing

Information Technology Services offers several ways for USC faculty and staff to place conference calls. These options include three-way calling, monthly and per-minute services through ITS, and international conference call capability through AT&T.

Phone Lines for Off-Campus Facilities or Special Purposes

Most campus offices use the campus switch for phone line services. Additional phone line types are available for off-campus facilities and other special purposes.

Phone and Network Outlet Installation

ITS can install hardware to connect phone and Internet devices to the USC network in all USC buildings.

Phone and Internet Services

ITS provides USC schools and departments with basic telephone and Internet services for a Technology Connection Charge (TCC). Schools and departments can also choose enhanced phone or Internet services for an additional fee.

Phone Set Purchasing

Departments can purchase new phone sets directly from ITS for a one-time charge or they have the option of purchasing phone sets from third-party vendors.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

ITS offers toll-free phone service for USC schools and departments that need to provide their customers with a toll-free telephone number.


Under the Technology Connection Charge (TCC), ITS provides a range of standard and enhanced voicemail services to USC schools and departments.