Organizational and Specialty Accounts

Organizational and specialty accounts allow departments and faculty/staff organizations affiliated with the university to provide information and services via a Microsoft Office 365 account. Organizational accounts can also be used to sign up for Google Drive for Faculty and Staff.


All schools, departments, and officially recognized faculty/staff organizations are eligible for these accounts.

Getting Started

You can apply for an organizational account by contacting the Authorized Signer of your department. Organizational accounts will be setup within 1 week after all of the necessary paper work is received by the Computer Accounts Administration office.

Please submit all required information, including:

  • The desired login name for the account.
  • A brief statement, explaining the purpose of the account.
  • The name and ITS-issued email address of the person who will be the account owner. For system security reasons, only the owner will be permitted to login to the account.
  • A phone number where the owner can be reached.

Updating your Organizational Account Passphrase

You can change your organizational account passphrase at any time before or after it has expired.

  1. Go to the Change your Password page.
  2. Enter your Organizational Account NetID and current passphrase, then select Sign In.
  3. On the next page, enter and confirm your new passphrase, then select Save Password.
  4. The message “You’re all set” will appear on the following page when the passphrase change is successful. You will also receive a notification at the Organizational USC email account and, if applicable, the secondary email account on file.

Additional Requirements

Organizational accounts need to be renewed at the end of each fiscal year (June 30). If you don’t remember to renew your account, it will be disabled. To ensure uninterrupted service, ITS recommends that you contact your department’s Authorized Signer, who is responsible for account renewals, no later than June 1.


This is a free service.


To get help with your organizational Office 365 account or for assistance in updating your organizational account passphrase, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.